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Non GMO / Antibiotic Free Initiative

Using your Car Radio to listen!

fight for your farms again.fwThe Food you and your family are eating is banned in 30 Nations around the Globe!

At the beginning of the 20th century the U.S. ranked 1st in health among the major industrial nations. America spends more money than any other nation on health. Yet America ranks the lowest of all the major industrial nations of the world in terms of its citizen’s life expectancy. ..

What happened? GMOs Happened!

There are over 14,000 man-made chemicals added to our American food supply today. In a nutshell, what is going on is that we are being continuously slowly poisoned by our toxic food and our toxic environment to the point where our bodies simply cannot handle it and we eventually become chronically ill.

Do you really believe that your food is the same quality as it was 20 years ago?

The top of the list!

GMOs are awful for so many reasons, but the biggest being that they are NOT natural! They are man-made, toxic products the human body is not made to consume and digest. There is enough info out there to prove these foods simply should be avoided. I know it is overwhelming and it seems like it’s impossible, but with a little research and commitment, you and your family can live a healthier lifestyle that makes the entire country stronger in the process.


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